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Afghan Delegation visit Institute of Oriental Studies of Saint Petersburg

Press Release: October 4, 2006

The visiting Afghan delegation led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Spanta visited the Institute of Oriental Studies Institute Saint Petersburg, Russia and held meeting with the scholars of the institute.  Dr. Spanta mentioned the high quality of many of the institute’s publications in disseminating information and knowledge about Asia. He also invited the institute to establish a working relation with the Centre of Strategic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The head of the institute welcomed the Afghan delegation and stated the institute’s readiness to work with the Afghan institutions, in particular with the MoFA. Dr. Spanta is due to leave Saint Petersburg for Moscow on Wednesday, 4th October

The Afghan foreign minister visited some of the Afghans residing in Moscow yesterday evening.

Dr. Spanta referred to the factors in the last three decades that caused immigration and added that those Afghans who cannot return to their homelands because of some reasons, they can take part in the reconstruction of their country through investing in different sectors and they will benefit legitimately. They can play significant roles as the peace messengers of their country in transforming cultures and contemporary technology to their homeland.

The foreign minister mentioned about the Afghan government’s achievements and said, “Loyalty to the national values such as political structure, and constitutions are criteria to complete the state building in Afghanistan.”

Lack of this tradition is the main cause of problem in the recent years and this lack is an attempt to betray the government. Three decades of war has resulted in loose of traditional values and contemporary values such as commitment to the government, law and geographical boundaries not to shape and at the same time uncertainty about the future has dragged behind the state building and escape of some thoughtful minds from the country has led to a big crisis, lack of experts.

Afghan foreign minister recounted externally sourced terrorism and narcotics as two enemies for peace and added that international community to effectively act against the terrorism origins and narcotic, which is a key to fund terrorism, and support the national security institutions in the country.

The Afghan foreign minister stated the Afghan foreign policy a multilateral one with focus on the national interest of the country. While he reiterated that Afghanistan has strategic relations with USA, we will strengthen our relations with Asian countries, Russia, India, Japan and China.  

He also added,” because of belief bonds, relations with Islamic world are of special importance to us.” Dr. Spanta said that Afghan embassies should establish close contacts with all Afghans living abroad, represent Afghanistan and put their efforts in extending their relations with host countries. 

Some Afghans also participated in this meeting and made speeches and suggestions.

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