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Noor TV focuses on Afghan community

This summer, three brothers from Fremont, California launched a new 24-hour Afghan TV station, called Noor TV. Yousefzai Rahimi, and his brothers, Haris and Farzan set out to create television programming that avoided personal attacks and political propaganda that would serve the interests of the Afghan-American community.

Noor means "light" in Dari, and is available throughout the United States and Canada to anyone with a Galaxy 25 satellite dish. Although they have simple production values at the moment, they point to popular TV networks that started from scratch like Telemundo and Indian TV stations as their models of success. According to a New America Media survey in 2005, ethnic media is a popular option for many groups, from African-Americans to Asians. The survey found that 51 million Americans rely on ethnic media as a regular source of information. For many immigrants who don't speak or read English well, including Afghan refugees, television is an even more important news source.

The programs are all volunteer-run, and include shows about Islam, youth, Afghan music, and even domestic violence. Shows are hosted in many of the languages spoken in Afghanistan, Dari, Pashto, Uzbeki and even English, in the hopes of attracting a variety of ages and tribal backgrounds.


To watch Noor TV for free, visit

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