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Afghan National Army Takes Control of Security in Kabul

In a sign of continued growth and development, the Afghan National Army (ANA) is set to take control of security in Kabul on August 28, 2008. The handover will mark the first transfer of responsibilities from international forces to the ANA.

The ANA is being built into a strong, well-respected security force. While in March 2003 it only had 1,750 troops, this year it reached 76,000 troops, close to the 80,000 target set for 2009. Under a new plan unveiled by the Afghan government and backed by $20 billion from the U.S., the ANA will increase to 120,000 troops over the next five years.

Every week a new 650-man batallion completes training and joins operations in the field, while the U.S. is working to train and equip a 4,000-man elite commando force. Equipment upgrades and advanced training have allowed ANA troops to take the lead of a number of security operations.

In a 2007 poll, 87 percent of Afghans said they could trust the ANA.

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