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28,000 Square Meters of Carpets to Be Unveiled at 1st Afghanistan International Carpet Fair:  August 26 - 28 2007 at the Kabul Serena Hotel

From the remote, austere villages to its bustling, interior cities, Afghanistan is wrought from the indomitable spirit of a people dedicated to cultivating and growing the country´s deep textile traditions.

For years, Afghanistan stood as one of the world´s leading producers of handmade carpets. Drawing from their rich culture and diverse population, the people of Afghanistan infuse their stories in the carpet they weave. Carpets represent the prospect of hope and stability for a country on the brink of reintegration into the global economy.

Weaving has been a part of the Afghan heritage for centuries. The country´s ethnic diversity, which draws from the culture of Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, is translated through the hands of the Afghan weavers. Carpets and other textiles literally are part of Afghanistan´s national identity.

To demonstrate the quality and uniqueness of Afghan Carpets, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan ( in cooperation with the Kabul Carpet Association and the Afghanistan Carpet Guild have decided to organize an International Exhibition of exclusively Afghan Carpets.

The exhibition will be held from August 26-28, 2007 in the Five Star Kabul Serena Hotel (

Visitors to the 1st Afghanistan International Carpet Fair (AICF) in August 2007, have the opportunity to view Afghanistan´s greatest export treasures. AICF will showcase around 28,000sqm of Afghan Carpets and will be able to explore the development and innovations in traditional and contemporary designs in different qualities of hand knotted Afghan Carpets. AICF will gather 60 carpet exporter, manufacturer and designer and apart from placing orders for future programming, spot selections from large varieties will also be offered with various well known export houses.

Afghanistan is situated at the crossroads of the world´s carpet belt and along the major trade routes of Asia. Its people give much credence to family honour, pride and respect – traits that are reflective in their high-quality craftsmanship.

Tribal carpet production is the norm in Afghanistan, however carpet design and manufacturing centers in the lager cities are on the rise. Yarn is hand spun, natural dyestuffs are used and harmonious colour prosper, oftentimes dominated by shades of red. Afghan carpet makers also rely on one of the country´s most prized natural resources – an abundance of choice of wool. Other natural fibers including silk are often woven into the carpets as well.

Afghan weavers devote great care and attention to carpet construction and design and are innately concerned about detail in the weaving, dying and finishing of the products. They invest their lives in this art form. It´s their entrepreneurial spirit that is fueling the rebirth of the Afghan carpet market.

The carpet designs usually are woven entirely from memory on horizontal looms resulting in unique pieces of folk art- each one different than the next. The carpet motifs vividly reflect the history of this multiracial country and allows a myriad of fascinating choices for the keen collector and the first-time buyer alike.

The people of Afghanistan are resilient and take pride in their faceted heritage. Despite their trying history combined with a rugged terrain and sometimes simple living conditions, their arts have prospered, and their sense of romanticism and generosity of spirit are evident in their work.

Today Afghan carpet producers continue to be among the most innovative, experienced and dependable in the world. Recently, a delegation of Afghan carpet companies formed an association, allowing them to pool their many years of individual experiences and through the support and knowledge of EPAA this association helps ensure a large supply of high- quality carpets also cultivating long-term opportunities for trade. Furthermore, hand-woven Afghan carpets are allowed duty-free access to the US and EU market if exported with Afghan Certificate of Origin delivered by EPAA, creating more robust opportunities that facilitate business partnerships.


For further information please contact:


Exhibition Organizing Committee

Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA)

Karte 4, 2nd Street, Kabul / Afghanistan

E: [email protected] T: +93 075 200 63 32

Mobil: + 93 0 700 253 888

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