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Visiting Afghan Students Ask for More Education Resources

Three students from Afghanistan and an Afghan teacher visited the Embassy in August as part of a trip sponsored by the humanitarian organization Relief International. The students met with the Embassy’s Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari to discuss their unique experiences as international exchange students in the U.S.

During the program, the Afghan students met with American and Bangladeshi students, and all three groups discussed their differing cultures and educational experiences.  The Afghan students noted that while the American students, and to some degree even the Bangladeshi students, had access to libraries, computers and other resources at their schools, the Afghan students had minimal educational resources aside from their teachers.

“Afghan boys and girls crave for education, and we wish we had the same sort of educational facilities the American students do. In our meeting with the US Congress members, we explained the education needs of Afghanistan and asked them for financial support to help improve the quality of education in Afghanistan,” explained the students.

Despite their schools’ limited resources, the Afghan students demonstrated their positive, determined attitude to succeed.  Haidari encouraged the students to continue to devote themselves to their studies and to build on their already impressive English language skills.  He encouraged them to pursue higher education so that they might rise to become tomorrow’s leaders in Afghanistan. 

Relief International plans to sponsor future trips for Afghan students and educators.


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