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Political Counselor Haidari Meets with Georgetown Students

Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari met with a group of 25 Georgetown University summer students and briefed them on the importance of international peace-building in Afghanistan in late July.  Haidari told the students that in a world that is rapidly shrinking to a global village, instability in one country has far-reaching spill over effects in the rest of the world.

“As students of political science and foreign service, you may remember the plight of the Afghan people under the Taliban. During this dark era, the people of Afghanistan suffered from unspeakable atrocities and our cultural heritage including the historic giant statutes of Buddha, was destroyed before the eyes of the world,” Haidari told the students.

Haidari praised the significant achievements of the international community in Afghanistan, and told the students that “the job, however, is far from done. We are a country reduced to rubble with a state that needs long-term support and resources to stand on our own two feet.” He stressed that any investment that the international community is making in Afghanistan’s state-building process is directly serving the national security interests of the individual contributing countries, as well as contributing to global peace and stability.

Haidari concluded the discussion by encouraging the students to study the needs of the developing world. “You are not too far from leading your counties and making an impact on global affairs. Your single biggest challenge will be how to care for your own people and yet equally contribute to maintaining peace and prosperity in the rest of the world,” he said.

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