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'Afghan Star' Documentary to Open in U.S.

The critically acclaimed documentary "Afghan Star" will soon open in theaters in various U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C. on July 17, Philadelphia on July 24 and Boston on July 31.

"Afghan Star," directed by British filmmaker Havana Marking, tells the story of a talent show modeled after "American Idol." Now in its fourth season, "Afghan Star" tests the singing skills of young Afghans and lets viewers vote using their cell phone on who moves forward and who doesn't. The documentary follows four of the 2,000 hopefuls that auditioned for the show, including one of the three women on the show.

In January the documentary won two awards at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, including the award for "Best Director for a Documentary" and the "People's Choice Award."

In a recent CNN report on "Afghan Star," Ambassador Said T. Jawad noted that music and dancing were prohibited during the era of the Taliban. "Today when you travel in Afghanistan, you will hear music from every car, from every shop, from every restaurant and from every home," he noted.

"Afghan Star" will be playing at the E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C., at the Ritz at the Bourse in Philadelphia and at Kendall Square in Boston.

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