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Major New Text Examines Modern Afghan History

“Afghanistan: Political Frailty and Foreign Interference,” was recently published by Routledge Press as part of their Studies in Middle Eastern History Series. The volume, authored by Dr. A. Nabi Misdaq, examines Afghan history from the formation of the state until the present day, and is augmented by anthropological, sociological, and political theory, as well as study of the themes of the nation, nationalism, tribalism, ethnicity, and Islam as they developed over the past two and a half centuries. Such broad scope has drawn praise from experts such as Professor Akbar S. Ahmed of American University, who described it as “Detailed and insightful. Misdaq has established himself as an authority on Afghanistan and I strongly recommend the book.” Other authorities such as Emeritus Professor Ralph Grillo of the University of Sussex, UK have also expressed their support.

“Afghanistan” marks a return to academia for Misdaq, who left Kabul for the London School of Economics on a scholarship in the 1970s. From there he went on to establish and run the BBC World Service’s Pashto Section from 1982 -1996. It is on these Soviet occupation years in particular that the author displays his comprehensive knowledge of the country. “I wanted to show in what respects the Soviet invasion was fundamentally unprecedented from all the previous invasions in the way it attempted to overhaul Afghan society,” he explains.

The study concludes with an examination of the current situation and offers some proposals for successful reconstruction. “It is greatly welcomed that today students once again have the chance to attend schools and higher education in some numbers. However, it must be ensured this opening is not wasted, and that educational opportunities are equally offered to all Afghans, those in rural areas as well as those in cities,” writes Misdaq.

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