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Afghanistan Online: Blogging from Bamiyan to Badakhshan

In April, the Afghan Association of Blog Writers (Afghan Penlog) held its first blogging workshop in Kabul. Blogging has created an avenue in which ordinary citizens can share their lives and political views with others around the world. In Afghanistan, blogging has become a creative outlet for the anxieties and insecurities that come with life in the midst of the country undergoing dramatic change and reconstruction. With the recent expansion in the availability of internet and reliability of electricity, the number of Afghan bloggers has increased significantly.


At the seminar, two renowned Afghan bloggers, Nasim Fekrat and Masoumeh Ebrahimi, instructed participants on how to create and maintain blogs that share pictures, videos, and text with the world. Already, several participants have begun sharing their daily life and political views with others in what has become known as the “blogosphere.”


If you’re interested in reading blogs by Afghans, you may wish to check out the association's website or visit one of the blogs listed below.

- Nesim Fekrat, a 25-year-old from Kabul, blogs on politics and daily life.

- Fardin Waezi shares beautiful photographs of Afghanistan.

- Atash Parcha shares her views as an Afghan expatriate returning to her country to begin married life.

- The development group Sunleaf operates a blog about the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

- For excellent news and videos from Afghanistan visit Sanjar.

- Although not Afghan-operated, Registan and Informed Comment provide frequently updated commentary and analysis on Afghanistan’s evolving security and reconstruction environment.

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