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Afghan Communicator Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Honored by New York Mayor

Afghan Communicator has linked together Afghan-Americans in celebration of Afghan culture, literature, art and history throughout the last ten years. In honor of their many accomplishments, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed April 23 Afghan Communicator Day.

The anniversary celebration was attended by city officials, diplomats, Afghan Communicator staff members and friends. Executive Director Rameen Moshref Javid thanked the guests for helping to make Afghan Communicator such a vibrant and respected organization. “A decade later, we are still an Afghan information center connecting different communities and bringing different groups together," he said.

Although the organization has evolved from a literary magazine to a website and community organization in the past decade, it has remained true to its founding credo throughout: "We, the young generation of Afghans at the Afghan Communicator, came together to form a medium that enables us to culturally and intellectually connect the scattered Afghan communities around the world.  Well into our second decade away from our shattered land, we vow to remember our roots!  With the Afghan pride and Muslim identity in common, we endeavor to build a bridge of unity among our diverse community abroad."

Afghan Communicator currently publishes a bimonthly English/Dari community newsletter, and sponsors the annual Afghan Heritage Day and the only Afghan Art and Film Festival in North America. It has brought together young Afghan professions in numerous youth conferences and held events to honor Afghan cultural and literary icons. 


Currently, Afghan Communicator is attempting to revive and enhance Afghan art by partnering with and promoting Afghan artists and art organizations. They are currently involved in projects at the fine arts faculties of Herat and Kabul universities, the Herat-based Center for Visual Arts, and the Kabul-based Center for Contemporary Art Afghanistan and work tirelessly to sell the work of Afghan artists abroad.

You can learn more by visiting Afghan Communicator’s website by clicking HERE

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