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The Music of the Reeds: The Life of Rumi

In a time of conflict, his was a voice for peace and the brotherhood of man. Born in present day Afghanistan in the Middle Ages, Jalaludin Balkkhi, or Rumi as he would come to be known, is one of the most celebrated poets of all time. His humanist views on the universality of God’s love continue to influence philosophers, theologians, and lovers of poetry and literature.

In his own time, Rumi stood as a voice for tolerance and a belief in the holiness of all mankind. Today, one of Afghanistan’s best loved authors, Hamid G. Naweed, hopes that his example will serve to create better understanding between the West and the Islamic world. In The Music of the Reeds, the modern author follows the medieval poet’s journey from his birth in modern day Afghanistan to his death in eastern Anatolia. More importantly, he follows Rumi’s spiritual journey from carefree adolescence to humanist philosopher. Along the way, Naweed paints an expansive picture of the world in which Rumi lived and the lessons the modern world can draw from the successes and failures of the past.

The book, Music of the Reeds, is available for purchase on and in bookstores across the country. Pick up a copy and follow the journey of a lifetime through the words of one of Afghanistan’s most respected poets and authors.

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