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Ambassador Jawad Welcomes Incoming US Officials

In letters to key U.S. officials, Ambassador Said T. Jawad congratulated incoming U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan William Wood, Deputy Secretary of State John D. Negroponte and Director of US National Intelligence Mike McConnell for their recent appointments. In his letters, the Ambassador discussed the achievements made in Afghanistan over the previous five years and identified the key challenges that Afghans continue to face in their progress toward a pluralistic, prosperous and secure state.

Ambassador Jawad extended a congratulatory message to Ambassador Wood upon his confirmation by the U.S. Senate, and thanked him for his recent testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding the need for intensified training of Afghan police forces as well as continued long-term international commitment to Afghanistan. “Your vast experience in diplomacy as Acting Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of International Organization Affairs, US chief negotiator before the United Nations Security Council and as current U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, will prove to serve invaluable in the ongoing reconstruction process of Afghanistan,” wrote Ambassador Jawad. “Furthermore, your personal expertise and on hand familiarity in the area of Counter Narcotics will be invaluable as we continue to work to combat the issue of narcotics in Afghanistan. As a counterpart here in Washington, I am looking forward to working with you on achieving our common objectives to further strengthen the US Afghan Strategic Partnership.”

Ambassador Jawad congratulated Deputy Secretary Negroponte on his appointment and thanked him for his support for Afghanistan as former Director of National Intelligence. “You have always clearly addressed the key issues related to our ongoing efforts in rebuilding Afghanistan and the global war on terror,” wrote the Ambassador.

In a letter to Mr. McConnell, the Ambassador said that he looked forward to working with him in his new capacity as Director of US National Intelligence. He expressed his appreciation for Mr. McConnell’s recent comments before the Senate Armed Services Committee on February 27 relating to security concerns and challenges in Afghanistan and his insistence on addressing the main sources of terrorism and instability in the region. “You’re in depth knowledge and vast experience of the region will be valuable to us in addressing some of the key issues in our common fight in the war on terrorism as well as our joint efforts in ensuring a more stable and secure Afghanistan and region,” wrote Ambassador Jawad.

Ambassador Jawad also sent letters of appreciation to USAID Administrator Ambassador Randall Tobias for securing $693 million for Afghanistan economic development programs in the FY 08 U.S. Government budget request, as well as to President of World Bank Paul Wolfowitz for providing a further $25 million grant towards its Private Sector Development Support Project, which includes the construction of an industrial park in Hissar-i-Shahi as well as institutional capacity building programs for the Ministry of Commerce and Industries and the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency.  The Private Sector Development Support Project will help improve Afghanistan’s capacity to attract and retain foreign and domestic private sector investment through infrastructure development and provision of land services, electricity, water, and telecommunications – major areas of concern among business communities in Afghanistan. “The Private Sector Development Support Project is in line with the Government of Afghanistan’s belief that sustained private sector growth is an essential prerequisite for job creation, economic growth and poverty alleviation…I would like to thank you for your unwavering commitment to the economic reconstruction of Afghanistan,” wrote Ambassador Jawad.


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