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Ambassador Jawad Conveys Appreciation to Vice President and Secretaries of State and Defense 

Ambassador Said T. Jawad thanked U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates early this month for their recent statements reflecting the United States’ recommitment to Afghanistan.

The Ambassador expressed his appreciation to Vice President Cheney for his personal commitment to Afghanistan in the wake of his recent visit to Afghanistan and the region.
In a letter to the Vice President, Ambassador Jawad wrote, “The people of Afghanistan value your personal commitment and are grateful for your special interest to our country…We thank you for recognizing our challenges and increasing your assistance.”

In letters to the Secretaries of State and Defense, Ambassador Jawad expressed the gratitude of the Afghan government, and noted that the additional $11.6 billion dollars pledged will ameliorate many of Afghanistan’s urgent needs, such as training and equipping the Afghan National Police and Army.

The Ambassador wrote, “The new aid package is both timely and invaluable as it will address some of the security, governance and narcotics challenges that we are facing.”

Ambassador Jawad praised President George W. Bush’s speech at the American Enterprise Institute. He remarked that this commitment to a stable and secure Afghanistan will be a source of confidence to the Afghan people. “The comprehensive strategy that the President announced will enable us to build a pluralistic, prosperous, and civil society in our country,” he said.

The United States and Afghanistan have achieved substantial achievements during the last five years, and Afghans today enjoy more political, economic and social rights than at any time in the history of their country. However, the Ambassador stressed that many key challenges remain, including the need to strengthen Afghanistan’s security institutions, to enhance the Afghan government’s capacity to deliver services to the people, and to accelerate the reconstruction process with a primary focus on building roads, generating power, and providing alternative livelihood assistance to Afghan farmers to fight against the influence of narcotics.

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