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Ambassador Jawad Sends Message of Gratitude to U.S. Military Leaders

In letters to numerous outgoing and incoming military leaders, Ambassador Said T. Jawad expressed the gratitude of the Afghan government and people for the contribution made by American soldiers in Afghanistan’s reconstruction effort.

Ambassador Jawad sent letters to: General John Abizaid, Outgoing CENTCOM Commander, retiring from US Army; General Dan McNeil, who recently took over ISAF forces in Afghanistan; General George Casey, incoming as US Army Chief of Staff; General Peter Shoomaker, retiring as the US Arm y Chief of Staff; General John Mullholland, recently promoted to Deputy Commander of the US Joint Special Operations Command and selection as Major General; and Canadian Brigadier General Richard Frasier, who is leaving as Commander of the Regional South Area of Afghanistan. Along with thanking the military leadership, the Ambassador reiterated the good w ill felt by Afghans for the American and Canadian men and women who risk their lives daily to ensure that the successful development and stabilization of Afghanistan does not regress.

The Ambassador congratulated General Casey for his appointment as Chief of Staff of the United States Army. In the letter, he thanked Casey for his continual dedication to moving Afghanistan “towards the path of a democratic and civil society.”

In letters to General Abizaid and General Shoomaker, Ambassador Jawad expresses immense gratitude for their commitment to freeing Afghanistan from tyranny and extremism. The Ambassador noted that in 2001, Afghanistan was a hijacked state, with little to no human freedoms. Thanks in part to t he guidance and assistance of Generals Abizaid and Shoomaker, Afghanistan is now making remarkable progress, including sustained double digit economic growth, Presidential and Parliamentary elections, and expanded rights for women. “This is the legacy that you leave behind in our country,” wrote Ambassador Jawad.

The Ambassador welcomed General McNeil and General Mullholland to the ongoing U.S. effort in Afghanistan. He expressed his full confidence in the military leaders, and described the momentous contribution that they will be making to Afghanistan’s history.






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