Embassy in the News

Title Post date
Envision Career and Young Leadership Program Participants Meet with H.E. Ambassador Hakimi and Cultural and Human Rights Secretary, Ms. Qasimi Jul 29 2014 12:00am
H.E. Ambassador Hakimi participates in Aspen Security Forum panel discussion Jul 25 2014 12:00am
Runoff Presidential Election Preliminary Results Announced Jul 7 2014 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi's Interview with VOA on the Afghan Runoff Election Jun 19 2014 1:05pm
Interview: Afghan Envoy Envisions Relationship Of Trust With Washington Dec 12 2013 3:43pm
Ambassador Hakimi speaks with "HearSay with Cathy Lewis" Oct 3 2013 2:15pm
New York Times: Federal Officials Return Looted Artifacts to Afghanistan Ambassador Sep 10 2013 4:28pm
Fox News: Rare Afghan artifacts and vase returned in Washington ceremony Sep 10 2013 4:24pm
Ambassador Hakimi speaks about stolen Afghan antiquities repatriated to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (DARI) Sep 9 2013 4:12pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi's piece in Foreign Policy Magazine - May/June Issue Apr 30 2013 2:19pm
United States Institute of Peace: Afghan Rural Minister Appeals for U.S. Support of Successful Program Mar 5 2013 11:28am
Afghan ambassador Eklil Hakimi: The way forward into the Transformation Decade Jan 18 2013 1:00am
Ambassador Hakimi discusses President Karzai's official visit to the United States Jan 13 2013 2:33pm
Ambassador Hakimi talks to VOA about the International Women's Economic Summit Jul 31 2012 1:05pm
Ambassador Hakimi's interview with VOA's Ashna TV about the outcomes of the Tokyo Conference Jul 9 2012 12:52pm
Ambassador Hakimi Says NATO Pledge Sends 'Strong Signal' To Region May 22 2012 12:00am
Chicago and beyond: Seeking a stable Afghanistan May 18 2012 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi's interview with Ashna TV-VOA May 17 2012 12:00am
Enduring Strategic Partnership Agreement Between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United States of America May 2 2012 10:09am
Afghan Minister of Public Health visits Washington, D.C. Apr 26 2012 12:00am
Ambassador Hakimi Speaks at Event at CSIS Apr 6 2012 10:39am
Ambassador Hakimi's Nawroz Message (Dari) Apr 3 2012 2:26pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi joined with CNN to discuss relations between the two countries Mar 18 2012 6:19pm
C-SPAN video: U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Jul 2 2011 12:00pm
Memorial Day Visit Jun 6 2011 12:00pm
Ambassador Eklil Hakimi 'On the Record' Jun 2 2011 6:06am
Afghan Envoy Cautions U.S. Against Bin Laden-Spurred Withdrawal of Troops May 8 2011 12:00pm
Bin Laden's Death: What Now in Afghanistan? May 6 2011 4:18am
Exclusive: Hakimi sees enduring US commitment to Afghanistan Mar 3 2011 1:00pm