Political Department

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Political Department of the Embassy works closely with the U.S. Administration and Congress to effectively advocate for continued U.S. and international commitment to Afghanistan’s rebuilding effort.

The Political Department has cultivated strong working relations with high-ranking U.S. Administration and Congressional officials and offices, regularly meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan with a particular focus on enhancing security, furthering reconstruction and development projects, promoting economic prosperity and implementing counter-narcotics initiatives. The Political Department cultivates and enhances non-resident diplomatic relations with Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico and collaborates on bilateral initiatives relating to security, counter-narcotics, state-building and the development of civil society.

Through its engagement with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense, National Security Council, Drug Enforcement Agency and the White House, the Political Department has enhanced U.S.-Afghan bilateral communication and cooperation.
To this end, the Political Department convenes monthly briefings with the aforementioned institutions to discuss the further implementation of the U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership.
The Department remains committed to public diplomacy, with officials speaking around the country and to the media about Afghanistan’s historic achievements throughout the last five years, as well as the key challenges that still lay ahead as Afghanistan takes its place amongst the family of free, democratic nations.

The Political Department remains active in key think tanks, NGO’s and multilateral institutions as well as in Washington’s diplomatic community.

Recent accomplishments of the Political Department include organizing the visit of H.E. President Karzai to the United States in May 2010 and the historic visit in May 2005, during which President Karzai and President George W. Bush signed the joint declaration of the U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership; providing support during the January 31, 2006 London Conference on Afghanistan; and organizing the 1st Round of U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership Ministerial Meetings in Washington May 20 and 21, 2006. The Political Department has also assisted in organizing the official U.S. visits of numerous Afghan Cabinet officials, including Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister.

To view the full texts of important documents in Afghanistan's foreign relations, including the Bonn Agreement, the U.S.-Afghan Strategic Partnership Declaration, the Afghan Compact, and others, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.

Name Position Email Ext.
Mr. Ahmad Zahir Faqiri Minister [email protected] 8014
Mr. Mirwais Nab Counselor [email protected] 8017
Mr. Mirwais Samadi Political Counselor [email protected]