Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The Cabinet

Vice Presidents

First Vice President: H.E. Mohammad Qasim FAHIM
Second Vice President: H.E.Mohammad Karim KHALILI

The following ministers were approved by the Afghan parliament:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Zarar Ahmad Osmani (website)
Minister of National Defense: General Bismillah Mohammadi (website)
Minister of Interior: (website)
Minister of Finance: Dr. Omar Zakhilwal (website)
Minister of Commerce and Industry: Mohammad Shaker Kargar (website)
Minister of Justice: Habibullah Ghaleb (website)
Minister of Education: Ghulam Farooq Wardak (website)
Minister of Economy: Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal (website)
Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development: Wais Ahmad Barmak (website)
Minister of Work and Social Affairs, Martyrs & Disabled: Amena Afzali
Minister of Counter Narcotics: Mobarez Rashidi (website)
Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism: Sayed Makhdum Rahin
Minister of Mines: Mohammad Akbar Barakzai (website)
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and and Livestock: Muhammad Asif Rahimi (website)
Minister of Haj and Islamic Affairs: Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Neyazi
Minister of Higher Education: Obaidullah Obaid (website)
Minister of Public Works: Najibullah Ozhan
Minister of Public Health: Dr. Suraya Dalil (website)
Minister of Borders & Tribal Affairs: Asadullah Khalid
Minister of Urban Development: Hassan Abdullahi
Minister of Refugees: Jamaheer Anwari
Minister of Women's Affairs: Mrs. Hassan Bano Ghazanfar (website)
Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation: Daoud Ali Najafi (website)
Minister of Energy and Water: Mohammad Arif Noorzai
Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology: Amirzai Sangin