Consulate Services Department

The Consulate Services Department (CSD) issues visas, passports, entry permits, marriage certificates, birth certificates, identification certificates, and inheritance certificates. The CSD also provides the extension of passports, the preparation of power of attorney documents, the verification of National Identification (Tazkera) documents, and official coordination with various U.S. and Afghanistan government agencies, private institutions and individuals regarding immigration, criminal and other legal matters. The CSD explains and simplifies the application process to customers when appropriate. Applicants for visas and other documentation are given clear instructions, and their questions and concerns are addressed in full. Special attention is given to elderly or impaired applicants to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided with minimum inconvenience to the applicant. In order to accommodate the marked increase in the volume of people seeking visas to go to Afghanistan and/or other Consulate services, a new office for the CSD was established on March 21, 2005 at 2233 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Suite #216 Washington, DC 20007.

Name Position Email Contact
Mr. Ramin Manawi Counselor [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 9123

Mr. Redwan Balagh First Secretary - Visa Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8013

Mr. Sayed Mohammad Akbar Sultani Second Secretary - Visa Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8033

Mr. Abdul Wali Walid Third Secretary - Legal Affairs Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8016

Ms. Farhat Hassanzoi Third Secretary - Passport Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8013

Mr. Saiferahman Faqeerzada Third Secretary - Passport Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8036

Mr. Mohammad Alkozay Admin and Finance Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8026

Mr. Yama Keshawerz Visa Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8033

Mr. Pachtyan Ebrahimkhel Visa Officer [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8033

Front Desk Receptionist [email protected]

(202) 298 9125 ext. 8040