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President Karzai Returns to Kabul after His Visit to the Province of Kunar
Office of the Spokesman for the President


Arg, Kabul - H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, returned to Kabul this afternoon after his visit to the province Kunar today where he inaugurated the newly constructed building of the provincial administration office.

During this visit, the President met with community representatives from all districts of Kunar province which included women, students, tribal elders, Ulemas and Government officials.

While addressing a public gathering the President said “Four years ago, Afghanistan embarked on a journey towards reconstruction and peace. We have made significant progress so far, but still have huge tasks ahead of us and today’s generation must make sacrifices so that our future generations will live in peace and prosperity.”

“With the strong will of the people of Afghanistan, we embarked on this journey, and the international community sent their sons to ensure our security. It is not shame that today the international community builds schools, clinics and roads for us.”

“Afghanistan was reduced to a pile of rubble as a result of conspiracies and interferences in the past decades. The people of Afghanistan sacrificed their lives during the years of Jihad against the Russian invasion and brought the USSR to its knees.”

The President expressed his regret at the unfortunate death of a Canadian soldier in the province of Kandahar and said “It is our duty to protect our freedom and territorial integrity.”

“The enemies of Afghanistan kill our Ulemas, engineers, doctors and teachers to ensure that Afghanistan remains dependent on the assistance of the international community for ever. The enemies of Afghanistan must understand that they will fail in their attempt to destabilize our country.”

“Those countries who support terrorism in Afghanistan must understand that they will inevitably suffer the consequences of their action. Therefore, support for terrorism, the burning of schools and killing of our Ulemas should not be in the interest of countries in the region.”

“Schools are not burnt in other parts of the world and our Ulemas and religious leaders voiced their support for protection of our schools.”

Referring to the double standard by Ulemas of Pakistan the President said “Real Islam says: The Good, One Desires for Himself; He Must Desire That for His Muslim Brother Too.”

“This is not Islam that your sons go to school and your girls study in the UK, but our sons don’t have the right to study.”

The President expressed confidence that Afghanistan will make progress in all spheres and the living conditions of the people of Afghanistan will improve despite these subversive activities. Our enemies’ efforts will ultimately fail.

The President noted that Afghanistan’s national income per capita increased from US$ 185 in 2002 to US$ 355 in 2006 and I hope this will increase to US$ 500 as mentioned in my election manifesto.

The President expressed his commitment that the Government will construct a power station over the Kunar River.

The President ordered the relevant authorities to asphalt all road networks in the City of Asadabad. The construction of religious schools is a top priority for the Government of Afghanistan and we are committed to provide religious education to our people. If we don’t educate our children in religious subjects, it means that we have educated no-one in Afghanistan.

The President inaugurated a police station and a school in the province of Kunar.

The President visited the Fatemia High School and addressed a gathering of students and teachers.

The President exhorted girl students to rid Afghanistan of dependence on other countries and to become doctors so that the people of Afghanistan won’t be obliged to go to other countries for treatment.

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has allocated US$ 1.7 million for construction of schools in the province of Kunar.

The President visited the Rapid Reaction Force in the province of Kunar and greeted most of the soldiers. The President ordered the relevant authorities to look into their needs.

While addressing the soldiers the President said “You are doing your brave ancestors’ job who have protected our independence over the course of our long history. Your strong determination to fight terrorism assures the people of Afghanistan that their sons will be able to study in peace.”


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