The Embassy of Afghanistan celebrates the 93rd Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Afghanistan

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Ambassador Hakimi addresses the audience at the National Day celebration.

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Under Secretary Kennedy delivers his remarks to guests.

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Ambassador Hakimi shows Secretary and Mrs. LaHood the wide assortment of Afghan rugs on display.

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Ambassador Hakimi talks with Congressman Carson and Under Secretary Kennedy.

Photo: National Day Amb Speaking
Photo: Under Secretary Kennedy delivers speech
Photo: Ambassador speaks with Secretary Lahood
Photo: Ambassador Hakimi speaks with Congressman Carson

WASHINGTON—Ambassador Hakimi welcomed over 300 people to the Embassy to celebrate the 93rd Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Afghanistan Wednesday evening. Amongst an intricate display of traditional Afghan handicrafts, artwork, and rugs, Ambassador Hakimi and Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy delivered remarks to guests who then enjoyed a full buffet of traditional Afghan food.

“Afghanistan is now a proud democracy where millions of girls and boys are receiving an education. There is more economic opportunity, a better healthcare system, free media, vibrant civil society and an improved environment for women and children,” said Ambassador Hakimi. “We strongly support a fully Afghan owned and Afghan led security transition beyond 2014.”

The Ambassador went on to say, “Today, a bright future lies ahead of all Afghans, one that was not imaginable ten years ago. Our people are determined to end the period of war, and begin a new page of peace and prosperity. Let us express our sincere appreciations to the people and the government of the United States for their continuing support for Afghanistan.”

Ambassador Hakimi’s 9/11 anniversary message was echoed by Under Secretary Kennedy who agreed that Afghans, Americans, and people around the world are indeed safer thanks to the combined efforts of the last ten years and envisions on-going success as the transition continues.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, Congressman André Carson, and several Ambassadors were also in attendance, as well as many other representatives of the U.S. government and expatriate Afghans.

We thank all of those who helped us celebrate the 93rd anniversary of independence with the Afghan Embassy and look forward to another promising year for Afghanistan.