President Karzai Welcomes OIC Support to Establishment of International Islamic University in Afghanistan

At the conclusion of its 12th Summit, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), voiced support to the establishment of an international Islamic university in Afghanistan.

At a joint communiqué adopted at the end of the Summit, the member states collectively agreed to support, among other issues, education efforts in the Muslim world. In regards to Afghanistan, it specifically said “we affirm our support for the efforts of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to contribute in the establishment of an International Islamic University in Afghanistan as well as to the Bank’s efforts to mobilize financial resources for this purpose.” It also added, “We urge the Member states and the international community to continue their vigorous support and assistance to the people and Government of Afghanistan in fighting terrorism, counter drug trafficking, achieve security, stability, rehabilitation and reconstruction as well as comprehensive and sustainable development.”

The communiqué further adds, “We reaffirm our support to enhanced regional cooperation which bears relevance for ensuring sustained peace and stability in Afghanistan and beyond.”

On support to peace process in Afghanistan, the OIC in the communiqué said, “we welcome the ongoing positive development in Afghanistan; especially support the Afghan owned and Afghan led peace process based on the Constitution of Afghanistan, which would hopefully contribute to strengthened stability in the country.

The summit opened on Wednesday in Cairo highlighted the problems the Muslim world is facing and the need for unity to address the issues.