President Karzai: Violence against Women May Destroy Families

In his biweekly radio address to the nation, President Karzai said domestic violence in any way or any form stands in complete negation of all Islamic instructions and human rights values that women are entitled. “Both our religion and our culture give tremendous respect to women. Women are mothers and enjoy a valuable respect in Islam” said the President.

Despite the efforts by the government to eliminate violence against women, the President said there were still instances of difference forms of violence that women were sadly going through in parts of the country.

This time in his biweekly radio address dedicated to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the President said domestic violence can rip apart the very fabric of a family life and badly affect the way its members including the children behave. “It destroys love, passion and respect” the President said. “Children who grow up in families that experience violence may be more depressed and violent.”

Referring to its fight as the duty of every member of the society, the President specifically called on religious scholars and community leaders to help preach against this social menace and its harms. The President called on mass media and radios in particular to broadcast programs that help communicate messages against any form of domestic violence.