President Karzai: Media Serves as an "Eye and Light" in a Society

In his biweekly radio address on Thursday, President Hamid Karzai described the role of media in Afghanistan as “eye and light” that carries a heavy weight in a society.

In his address on the occasion of the world radio day celebrated last week, President Karzai said among the core responsibilities a medium had, was to move in line with national interests. He called it important for Afghan media to work for peace, stability, national unity and solidarity, share knowledge, promote human rights particularly women’s rights and to help fight violence against women, inform people of the vital importance of vaccinating children and encouraging a public participation in reconstruction and rebuilding of Afghanistan.

The President called freedom of expression as one of Afghanistan’s biggest achievements, a freedom almost unprecedented in the region, thus, stressing that it “is the duty of every one of us to protect this right in the benefit of our country and to ensure that this achievement remains free from any harm.”

The President called radio as an important medium of communication that has gone a long away in disseminating information especially in far flung areas where other means of communication are less accessible.