President Karzai: Afghanistan will sign the Bilateral Security Agreement with US only if conditions of the Afghan people are accepted

President Hamid Karzai briefed the Cabinet on his recent telephone conversation with John Kerry, the US Secretary of State.

President Karzai said that the conversation mainly focused on two issues of vital importance including : [1] the Afghan peace process and Pakistan’s role in this regard in the light of the talks held recently in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium and [2] the Afghan-US Bilateral Security Agreement.

In his remarks with Secretary Kerry on Pakistan’s role in the peace process, the President stressed his previous stance, saying that in fact, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a major role to play in bringing peace to and ending violence in Afghanistan.

The President added, Pakistan’s cooperation should not remain limited to words therefore the government of Pakistan should immediately take practical and urgent actions in this respect.

On the Bilateral Security Agreement that the United States is seeking to sign with Afghanistan at the soonest, President Karzai said to the US Secretary of State that Afghanistan would sign the agreement only if the conditions of the Afghan people were accepted and the first precondition is to bring peace and to end war in Afghanistan.

President Karzai clarified to Secretary Kerry, it was impossible for the people of Afghanistan to be pleased with signing of the security agreement while violence and war continue in the country.

The President said to the Cabinet meeting that the security agreement, if signed without the return of peace and with continuation of violence and bombings, means that the people of Afghanistan would continue to suffer every day from blasts, terrorist attacks and foreign invasions.

President Karzai added the fundamental precondition of Afghans for the agreement is bringing peace, security and stability to Afghanistan. If this is fulfilled, then the Afghan people would agree with signing the agreement with the United States.