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Washington Congressional Report

August is a time when Members of Congress return to their home states to discuss what critical issues face their constituents. Members of the House of Representatives and Senators, alike go home to their districts for a month long recess. Many individuals host “town hall meetings” to discuss health care, US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well, the financial challenges within the United States.

Some Members also use this time to travel abroad, and see what American troops are doing on the ground in different locations.  This month Congressional Delegations included several trips to Kabul.  Among one of the more high profile trips included Senator John McCain, the former candidate for president of the United States.  Within his delegation Senators Lindsey Graham, Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins were along for the in depth tour of Afghanistan prior to national elections.  Afghanistan’s Ambassador Jawad spoke one on one with a representative from all the Congressional Delegations visiting the country this month.   

All Congressional members have reported, upon their return, that the need for more American troops was needed in Afghanistan.  In her blog, Senator Collins holding a "great deal of discussion" on whether to send more troops to the country, and General McChrystal, who is in charge of U.S. forces in the country, has recently shared his recommendations with President Obama.

Senator Bob Corker was the only member of the United States Congress to be in Afghanistan for Election Day.  He repeatedly told many news outlets that he observed long lines, but no major issues with the day’s proceedings.

Members of Congress have been called back to Washington, DC a little earlier than planned.  Ahead on the agenda, law makers will address key spending bills once they get back to work.  


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