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Public Diplomacy

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, D.C. is committed to reaching out to citizens across the United States through effective public diplomacy. These person-to-person contacts are the driving force behind the Afghanistan-American partnership and present Embassy officials vital opportunities to engage the U.S. public in a dialogue about the situation in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Said T. Jawad and Embassy officials have participated in numerous speaking engagements at universities, conferences, think tanks, and World AffairsCouncils throughout the United States. They have spoken to students, business and civil society leaders, soldiers, military families, and concerned citizens in over twenty states.


11.09.2009 – U.S. National Defense Intelligence College – Haidari Lectures on “Securing Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities”

11.02.2009 – Lyon College: Haidari Speaks about War-torn Country

10.21.2009 – Mary Washington University – Haidari Discusses “Afghan Elections in Context”


02/20/2008 - Ambassador Jawad Briefs Students at George Washington University

01/29/2008 - Political Counselor Addresses Forces at U.S. Naval Postgraduate School

01/29/2008 - All Eyes on Afghan Rugs at Las Vegas Market

01/23/2008 - American University Students Visit Embassy of Afghanistan


12/26/2007 - Ancient Afghan Treasures to Tour United States in 2008

11/29/2007 - Afghan Jewish Community Hosts Ambassador Jawad

11/20/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses the Alaska World Affairs Council

11/15/2007 - Political Counselor Discusses Forced Repatriation of Afghan Refugees

11/14/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Arizona to Discuss Development

11/05/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Promotes Afghanistan During Trip to New York

11/03/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Receives Honorary Doctorate at Argosy University

10/24/2007 - Embassy Hosts Author Rosanne Klass

10/16/2007 - Washington Performing Arts Society Gets a Taste of Afghanistan

10/05/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Helps Launch Exhibition of Young Afghan Photographers

09/30/2007 - Embassy Hosts Rumi Scholars from Around the World

08/20/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Celebrates Independence Day

08/01/2007 - Political Counselor Haidari Meets with Georgetown Students

07/16/2007 - Political Counselor Haidari Speaks with National Guard Training Team

07/06/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Thanks American Soldiers on the 4th of July

07/06/2007 - Political Counselor Aziz Discusses Afghanistan and Central Asia at the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Service Institute

06/27/2007 - Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari Responds to Readers' Quesitons on Development Gateway Online (pdf)

06/27/2007 - Embassy of Afghanistan Re-Launches Dari/Pashto Newsletter

06/27/2007 - Commercial Attache Addresses Engineers at Army Navy Club

06/12/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Strategy at New America Foundation

06/12/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses Afghan Counter-Narcotics Police Graduates

06/07/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Hosts Luncheon for Woodrow Wilson Center Board of Trustees

06/06/2007 - Political Counselor M. Ashraf Haidari Visits CNPA Trainees at the DEA Academy

05/25/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Applauds ASCHIANA Foundation and Germany for their Contributions to Afghanistan

05/24/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Addresses World Affairs Council of Washington, DC

05/18/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Discusses Aid Effectiveness at the Center for American Progress

05/18/2007 - Ambassador Said T. Jawad Discusses Afghanistan On Board the Queen Mary 2

05/08/2007 - Birney Elementary School Learns About Afghanistan

04/19/2007 - Embassy Emphasizes Afghanistan's Economic Role at U.S. Dept of Commerce (BISNIS) Conference

04/18/2007 - Counselor Haidari Lectures on Afghanistan’s Drug Control Policy at Georgetown University

04/17/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Plants Vine For Peace And Addresses Students At UC Berkeley

04/12/2007 - Georgetown University Center for Peace and Security Studies - Just Back from Afghanistan: Experience and Insights of SSP and SFS Alumni and Students

03/19/2007 - National Defense Intelligence College - Afghanistan: Security and Reconstruction Challenges and Opportunities

03/06/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Washington State

03/02/2007 - American Foreign Service Association – Afghanistan and the War on Terror

03/02/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks with Military Families at Fairchild Air Force Base

02/15/2007 - Syracuse University College of Law Institute for National Security and Counter-Terrorism – Security and Development in Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities


02/15/2007 - Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs - Media in Afghanistan: Past Challenges and Present Achievements

02/27/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Addresses the Afghan Relief Organization in Los Angeles


02/08/2007 - Suffolk University Law School - Transitional Justice: The Rule of Law in Afghanistan


01/26/2007 - Ambassador Jawad Speaks to Young Professionals in Foreign Policy


12/12/2006 - Princeton University – Afghanistan’s Drug Control Strategy


11/17/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Attends Graduation of Afghan Businesswomen in Arizona

11/08/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Afghanistan’s Partnership with the U.S. in Jacksonville

10/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Travels to Philadelphia

10/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Discusses Post 9-11 in Texas

10/16/2006 - US Foreign Service Institute – Threats to Afghansitan’s Stability                        

10/11/2006 - American University School of International Relations – Afghanistan’s Reconstruction


09/20/2006 - Ambassador Jawad Visits NY City to Discuss Security in Afghanistan

08/31/2006 - Georgetown University – Afghanistan Since 9/11


08/10/2006 -  National Advisory Council for South Asian Affairs – Afghanistan in the Globalization Era


06/03/2006 - Fort Blixx TX – Graduation Address to Afghan Counter-Narcotics Pilots                               

06/02/2006 - Wabash College – The Challenges of State Building in Afghanistan                   

05/19/2006 - American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) – The Future of Afghanistan


05/11/2006 - US Camp Shelby – Security and Governance Challenges in Afghanistan


04/05/2006 - Middlebury College – Keynote Address at Symposium on Remember Afghanistan?


03/31/2006 - Old Dominion University - Nation/State Building in the Contemporary International System


02/21/2006 - Fort Polk LA - Achievements, Challenges, and the Future of State-Building in Afghanistan


01/10/2006 - Fort Drum NY - Governance in Afghanistan: Challenges and the Future             


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