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Diane Sawyer Speaks with Afghans and President Karzai

On April 9 and 10, Diane Sawyer reported live from Afghanistan, interviewing President Karzai, speaking with women, children and soldiers, and even sharing a traditional Afghan breakfast with her colleagues in New York via satellite.

President Karzai sat down with Ms. Sawyer for a frank discussion about the risk that the Taliban and al Qaeda continue to pose to Afghanistan and the world. While President Karzai insisted that Afghanistan needs more help, he maintained that the United States had not failed in Afghanistan.

"Neither has the U.S. failed, nor the Taliban coming back," he said. "Al Qaeda is defeated," he said.

The President explained that the increased frequency of suicide bombers are a sign of desperation. "It hurts us. It kills our people. It hurts our children, but it does not stop the progress we are making as a nation," he said.

During her travels in Afghanistan, Ms. Sawyer met with women in order to discover if their lives had changed for the better. She spoke with a kite-maker and received a tutorial on the esoteric science of kite running. Ms. Sawyer also visited a beauty school in Kabul and watched Afghanistan’s popular version of American Idol. Her reports explored the challenges that continue to face the Afghan people, such as terrorism and narcotics.  Throughout two days of reports from Afghanistan, Ms. Sawyer was able to draw upon the universal values shared by Americans and Afghans as she painted a detailed portrait of Afghanistan’s complex and beautiful culture, heritage and people.

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