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Ambassador Jawad Speaks to Young Professional in Foreign Policy

On January 24, the Embassy hosted an intimate gathering for Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP), a nonpartisan membership organization committed to fostering the next generation of America's foreign policy leadership. YPFP is dedicated to honest, informed, thoughtful discussion of international affairs, public service, and to the professional advancement, intellectual development, and personal growth of its members.

Ambassador Said T. Jawad addressed an audience of Young Professionals representing Senate and House offices, the U.S. Departments of Defense and State, and numerous Embassies, think tanks, consulting firms and universities. His comments reflected on his role in the initial stages of Afghanistan’s reconstruction, including the drafting of the Afghan constitution, the peace and reconciliation process, the establishment of all key state institutions, and the revitalization of Afghanistan’s education system. He encouraged the young professionals in attendance to study Afghanistan’s successes and challenges as a guide to their own future activities in international relations, as well as to take advantage of globalization’s benefits by traveling widely and meeting people from as wide a variety of countries and cultures as possible. During a lengthy Q&A session, he answered questions relating to security and terrorism, Afghanistan’s relations with her neighbors, the effectiveness of development aid, and the priorities of the Afghan government five years into the reconstruction process.  

After the Ambassador spoke, he engaged a number of the young people in the audience for one-on-one dialogues. Akanksha Hazari, Director YPFP Middle East & YPFP Executive Committee, had this response: "When speaking with HE Ambassador Said T. Jawad the words of J. F. Clarke immediately come to mind:  'A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman, of the next generation'. There is no question that Ambassador Jawad is the epitome of a statesman. His sincere commitment to investment in education, both through development in Afghanistan and engagement with youth abroad, is self-evident. As a young person in the policy world it is encouraging and humbling to interact with an actor of his importance who not only recognizes that current global realities will only be changed by cultivating the next generation of young leaders - but is an active participant in that process. Each YPFP member was struck by the Ambassador's candor and willingness to engage on difficult issues."

This event followed on other dialogues with the Ambassadors of Jordan and Pakistan, in the hopes of creating a forum in which young professionals can both learn and constructively contribute to discourse on diplomatic relations between Islamic countries and Washington.

YPFP is the first program of its kind to engage select young professionals working in foreign policy on issues that will shape the future international political arena and create a space for in-depth conversations about evolving realities in the Middle East and relations between the West and Muslim worlds with key policy and regional experts. To learn more about YPFP, visit their website at:

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